Training Courses

The second year - Applying to the systems

Progressively, the bases acquired during the first year are applied the next year in order to enable students to design, to dimension, to optimise and to manage energy systems (building, thermal and electrical machines) in complex and wide-ranged environments (cities life, industry, transports) and process engineering structures.

The course content includes :

  • Heat exchangers, thermal machines, electrical machines and electrical energy transition ;
  • Fluid separation processes, chemical reaction engineering and process simulation software ;
  • Advanced control, numerical methods, and CFD software (computational fluid dynamics) ;
  • Languages, personal professional project and sports practice ;
  • Research and Development Internship (SIRD) during semester 2.

Students can also take a major in building engineering (climatic engineering, building energetics) or in water treatment (biological processes, solid/liquid separation). Both are approximately 60 face-to-face hours of training.