Training Courses

Training Courses

A three year academic program, mainly taught in French, based on five major educational components:

  • Energy - Process engineering
  • Environmental sciences
  • Engineering tools
  • Social sciences and humanities
  • Industrial and research training sessions

The academic program includes practical works, run on more than forty experimental benches, located on five practical learning plateforms: energy, combustion engines, process engineering and environmental sciences, electrical machines, industrial regulation.

Team dynamics and project management are encouraged during the 3-year educational program, in the frame of the GEnEPI program. The educational model includes, as well, the practice of two foreign languages and sport & physical education. The educational program focuses also on writing and oral skills. A thorough work has been done by the educational team to supervise all the writings produced by our students over those three years (practical works, projects, traineeships), to help them efficiently writing clear, short and pedagogical reports. These ones are enhanced by a relevant bibliography, appropriately referenced in French and English.

The GEn engineers complete two long industrial and research internships during a minimum of 20 weeks.

  • The first internship is an initiation to scientific research and is carried out under the supervision of an experienced researcher. The aim of this internship is to deepen knowledge and perfect competence in the chosen field and at the same time develop skills in scientific English. Thus, at the end of the internship, the student is required to show that she/he can apply her/his knowledge to accomplish a research project and will have learned how to work independently or how to integrate into a research team. It requires creative and self-critical talents as well as the ability to communicate ideas and work both in English and in native language.

  • The second internship takes place at the very end of the educational program. It has been set up to provide a first insight into a professional environment. Almost one half of these traineeships are followed by a job proposal at the end.


Futurs bacheliers, étudiants, venez découvrir l'INSA Lyon et ses différentes spécialités.Le département génie énergétique et environnement sera présent lors de la journée portes ouvertes de l'INSA Lyon.

Le 14 septembre 2021, le département a accueilli une délégation de la Compagnie Nationale du Rhône dans le cadre du parrainage de la Promotion 2024. 

Venez découvrir les 17 grandes questions environnementales développées par nos élèves de 3ème année, dans le cadre du sémainaire environnement proposé par le Pr. Rémy Gourdon.

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