Training Courses

The third year - Adapting to the work context

During the last year of the training, current energy and environmental issues are taught by a network of business partners from various companies. Its goal is to enable our future engineers to propose and to implement efficient and cost-effective solutions in the fields of energy, water treatment and waste management, with the requirement to reduce environmental impacts in a territorial business plan.

The course content includes :

  • Fossil and nuclear energy, renewable energy, energy networks & optimisation and energy markets ;
  • Environmental economics, financing and project steering committee, management systems and methods (carbon footprint, life cycle analysis, geographic information systems) ;
  • GEnEPI team project, humanities personal project, introduction to professional activities, languages and sports practice ;
  • Work placement in a company.

The FEE option (for Filière Etudiant Entreprendre) : some students have the possibility to apply for this major that aims to assist students to becoming an entrepreneur. Based on a real-life project, this programme is designed to help students to understand the business plan methodology and driving factors if they are considering entrepreneurship.

This is a six-month major from Frebruary to September.