Business partneships

Relations with the economic community

7 possibilities are given to our economic partners to contribute to the development of our department :

  • Sponsoring a student class

A privileged partnership can be set up between a class and a company that shares common values with our department. This sponsorship lasts for the three years of the engineering cycle (in our specialization) until the graduation of the chosen class. This sponsoring also gives students the possibility to know more about their sponsor throught various activities (such as visits on industrial and operating sites or business conferences) while the sponsor actively participates in our training program throught team projects, internships, teaching …

For instance, the Class of 2024 (students beginning in 2021 and graduating in 2024) is sponsored by the CNR – Compagnie Nationale du Rhône.

  • Participating in the Business Forum

Twice a year during two days scheduled on the 5th graders timetable, the department welcomes 12 economic partners for the Business Forum. Companies are invited to promote and to talk about their activity, their economic policy strategy, research and development, careers and job offers. Then, students are allowed to conduct a discussion in private or in small groups with these partners.

  • Being invited to the Alumni Party

In early October, about 40 GEn graduates are invited to a party where they informally discuss about their work experience with our 5th graders. This event is designed to introduce participants to the world of work and to prepare them to professional requirements.

For the past two years, these meetings have been open to exchange students as well, especially if they want to apply for an internship or a job offer in France.

  • Teaching and promoting projects

Economic partners can be part of our training, notably during the last year which intends to prepare students to the professional world, social understanding and civic responsibility. As well, companies, local authorities and associations are invited to propose environmentally friendly close-loop works in the context of the GEnEPI team projects or for the course called « Data Science for Energy ».

  • Giving conferences on industrial engineering disciplines

Each year, business-oriented lectures are organized by corporate partners, dealing about work experience, professional careers and qualifications, but also sustainable and socially responsible business management.

  • Being a board member in the annual boarding committee

The boarding committee meets in plenary session every year to monitor the progress of the various teaching programmes. Between 8 and 10 external members are nominated by the INSA Board of Directors on request of the department, for a duration of three years. All are selected on the basis of their personal values, expertise and competence in the main working fields covered by our training.

  • Contributing to the apprenticeship tax

This tax is mandatory in France. Companies contribute to the country’s education system by paying a tax to selected schools and universities. The tax is managed by the INSA financial administration but you can write to : for more details.