Business partneships

The GEn department has promoted cooperation through an extensive network of partner companies all over the country. All business partners contribute to our development in various ways.

  • Participating in activities organized by the GEn department. Our activities are increasingly tied to our partnerships with companies and former students (business forum, conferences …)
  • Being a board member in our annual corporate committee. Once a year, the department committee gathers the GEn staff and ten external board members whose expertise is to ensure that academic programs at the school correlate to priority concerns in society.
  • Teaching and broadening students perspectives. During the 5th year, most courses are taught by former students and professional contributors so that students can learn from their peers, especially about the daily aspects of their working lives.
  • Offering internship opportunities.
  • Hiring a GEn engineer.
  • Contributing to the apprenticeship tax.


Quand 8 étudiants en Génie Energétique et Environnement mettent leurs compétences au service de la commune de Loubeyrat!

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