Training Courses

The GEn Interdisciplinary Project Teams

The GEnEPI (GEn Interdisciplinary Project Teams) is designed to work on group dynamics, project management and oral and written communication on themes related to energy and environment. It takes place during the 1st and 3rd years in the perspective of two multidisciplinary projects named POLEn and STRATEnTER, that combine multiple courses and topics (energy, environment, human sciences, outdoor sports and theatre practice… ).

First year : POLEn project

Given their activities and responsibilities, engineers are at the core of the transformation of society and, paradoxically, are little prepared for the processus of change which is required for these enhancements to take place.

In addition to the production of technical-scientific knowledge on a given issue, our students are considering how to ensure that this knowledge is communicated in society (the issue of the energy transition and the GIEC report being quite illustrative).

The POLEn project (Defining and implementing an environmental policy) aims to understand the factors that give an organisation (administration, company, association… ) a more or less flexible capacity to adapt to the suggested solutions. For instance, most major organisations have developed today a clearly defined strategy for environmentally friendly measures and employees do share these values, and yet change policy has been facing terrible obstacles despite societal expectations.

Within the context of the POLEn project, the GEnEPI teams (composed by 10 or so students) are asked to think about why people and companies are not willing to accept changes in their environment and routines. Then, student teams are asked to develop a strategic deployment policy based on their understanding of the business system and society. It takes the shape of an environmental policy project located on campus and teams are free to deal with the theme they want to work on and closely tied to pressing environmental issues.


Third year : STRATEnTER project

In the last year, students have to design the energy and environmental strategy of a territory while respecting industrial and local ecology measures that optimise the management of raw materials and energy resources.

The study is carried out with true clients and in connection with business partners and local authorities. Students are asked to use all the skills acquired during the 3rd-year cycle in GEn, mostly those taught by business partners during the 5th year.

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